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Votorantim Cimentos International S.A. was established in October 2018 and is organized under the laws of Luxembourg. The main activity of the Company is to act as an investment holding company and to coordinate the business of any corporate bodies in which the Company is directly or indirectly interested.

The Company is a direct subsidiary undertaking of VCSA, a Brazilian entity and parent company of a group of subsidiaries (the VCSA Group) that has operations in the production and sale of a wide portfolio of heavy building materials; research, mining; transportation, distribution and importing; co-processing for energy generation; and holds investments in other companies. VCSA and its subsidiaries operate in all regions of Brazil, as well as in North America and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. VCSA Group is directly controlled by Votorantim S.A. (“VSA”), a privately held company headquartered in the city and State of São Paulo, Brazil, that is the holding company of the Votorantim companies (“Votorantim Group”) and is fully controlled by the Ermírio de Moraes family.

Management structure

Board of Directors
Votorantim Cimentos
Internal Audit¹/ Global Risks and Compliance
Global CEO
Global Areas²
Votorantim Cimentos Brazil (VCBR)
Votorantim Cimentos International (VCI)
Votorantim Cimentos North America (VCNA)
Votorantim Cimentos Europe, Asia and Africa (VCEAA)
Votorantim Cimentos Latin America (VCLatam)

1. Global Internal Audit reports to Votorantim´s Audit Committee and, administratively, to the CEO.

2. Global areas: Finance, People & Management, Legal, and Technical/Sustainability.